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Niche and actionable insights custom curated for institutional clients & decision makers that enhances enterprise values


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Trident Renewables is one of the top renewable energy consulting firms providing actionable insights to investment firms and asset management companies (AMC) across mergers & acquisitions (M&A), portfolio strategy and new investments. Focusing exclusively in the decarbonization sector since 2006, we largely work with AMCs, hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital firms in US, Europe & APAC. With origins in San Francisco bay area, our renewable advisory practice stems from managing buy side investments, technology scale up, intellectual property & commercial operations experience. 

Nearly 16 years of progressive experience with carbon transformation technologies has enabled our institutional clients in quickly identifying and creating superior investment opportunities with risk management in place. By leveraging proprietary insights from our renewable energy consultants, clients take an informed decision with an in depth understanding of the technology, business, and competitive landscape. Trident’s green energy consulting services have significantly enhanced enterprise values, TVPI or IRRs of our clients’ investments.

Trident’s accomplished team has gained valuable experience across renewable hydrocarbons/ biobased chemicals produced from carbon dioxide (CO2), starch, cellulose, lignin & sugars along with advanced biofuels, green hydrogen, carbon capture (CCS/ DAC), biomass and municipal solid waste (MSW). Accomplishing net zero goals by 2050 requires assessing TCFD compliant carbon footprints (scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG emissions) as well as understanding voluntary (VCM) and mandatory carbon credit markets (RINs, LCFS) which our green energy experts have assisted several corporate businesses globally.


Our senior executives come with a demonstrated track record of operating renewable energy assets across US & Europe for more than a decade. They have raised investment capital and commercialized various renewable science technologies for several cleantech startups and businesses in silicon valley. Witnessing the evolution of innovative clean science technologies alongside our own successful business management experience has proven valuable to our clients while investing or operating renewable businesses.

As one of the leading clean energy consulting firms, our expertize runs deep across Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), E Fuels, Bioplastics, Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), Green Methanol, Alkaline/PEM/CO2 Electrolyzers, EV, quantum charging & energy storage, we have advised reputed silicon valley and wall street firms with quantifiable success.

Whether it is technology feasibility, business landscape, government policies or capital investment strategy, whatever your current needs may be, we can make it happen.

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Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) with the $369 Billion program is set to accelerate US decarbonization goals. We continue to successfully assist our clients in understanding its impact on domestic manufacturing, electric vehicles (battery cell, critical minerals), green hydrogen, carbon capture & biofuels market. Along with Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA), it creates attractive investment opportunities for next 7-10 years in clean energy sector.



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Since 2006, Trident Renewables has been at the forefront of institutional consulting in California, New York, Australia, UK, Germany, and other countries. Working with key decision makers and investment management teams, we offer custom curated investment strategies and niche insights that enables you in quickly taking informed decisions with risk mitigation plan in place.

Our expertise includes impact investing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business turnaround/ performance improvement, commercial due diligence, and technology feasibility.

For startups that invest significant time and capital in innovative business ideas, our clean energy consulting solutions have been proven to help them grow relatively quickly. We have developed go to market (GTM) strategies for clean water, cellulosic biofuels, bioplastics, biofertilizers and battery technology startups. We assist entrepreneurs with valuation milestones, exit and growth strategies that helps them achieve true business potential that their organization earnestly deserves. Our investment consulting expertise is unparalleled in sustainable energy space while extending to Climate tech, Agritech, Crop Sciences, Food tech, & Nano Biosciences across the world

Please click on the link below to learn more about our M&A Investment expertize in Renewable energy and Biofuels





Chemical & Renewable Engineering

Trident Renewables has excellent chemical technology & business operations experience including patenting, scaling, commissioning, and operating large scale chemical plants or refineries. From innovative start-ups to chemical manufacturing plants and biorefineries, we have gained phenomenal expertize in leveraging next gen technology ideas into commercial businesses. Proven experience with various chemical, biobased chemicals and clean energy technologies in US & Europe invariably helped us develop rare but valuable expertize in spotting bright scientific ideas early while creating a strong Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. 

Principal at our company hold valid patents as first inventors in heterogeneous catalysis based biodiesel technologies with USPTO and PCT which were further leveraged to raise investment capital with California based private equity firm.

Please click on the link below to learn more about our technology consulting services in Chemicals, Renewable energy and Biofuels





30+ years of domestic and international chemical trading experience

Our humble beginnings as a business entity, began back in 1991 primarily as a chemical supply and distribution company in Mumbai, India. Three decades of sustainable growth with long standing public and privately listed companies have helped us expand multiple offices across India and grow our chemical business steadily in Aluminum Foils, Pharmaceutical, Biotech Paints & Thinners, Inks & Dye Intermediates, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Automotive industry.


From industrial and specialty chemicals to pure, recycled or distilled organic solvents, we deal with them in India and regularly import them from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada, and USA. 


     Please click on the link below to learn more about our chemical trading and distribution services                                                       

Sustainable Energy


Covers Demethanization & Negative Emission Technologies like Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS),  Direct air capture (DAC) and Carbon Accounting.


Renewable natural gas (RNG), green hydrogen & green ammonia along with raw materials like municipal solid waste (MSW), forestry residues or biomass to produce clean energy or fuel.​

Advanced Biofuels

Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Sustainable Aviation Fuels, E fuels (synthetic fuels) and Cellulosic Biofuels.


Includes investments, technology feasibility, performance improvement, feedstocks, government policies, business landscape and navigating LCFS as well as RIN markets


Chemical Engineering Consulting

Technology due diligence, intellectual property, design, scale up and operational consulting for advanced chemical, nanotech, biofuel, and renewable technologies. 

Biobased Chemicals

Biosurfactants, biofertilizers, bioplastics (PHA/PLA), bioethylene, biobutanol, bio naphtha (renewable naphtha), platform chemicals like leuvlinic acid, and other biomaterials using fermentation, synthetic biology, glycoscience and related technologies

Chemical Plant

Industrial Chemicals and Solvents

Trading and distribution of organic, inorganic chemicals as well as pure or distilled industrial solvents for global imports & exports.


Negative Emission

Carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technologies like BECCS, CCUS, Direct Air Capture and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) from landfill waste 

Power to Liquid (PTL)

Renewable hydrocarbons made from co2, green H2 through Fischer Tropsch.

Ex: Biogasoline, Biomethanol, Biokerosene, E Fuel & Biojet Fuel (SAF)

Biomass & MSW to Energy

Generating energy, heat or power from biomass and municipal solid waste through thermal or thermochemical technologies

Advanced Biofuels

Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, Biojet or Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) produced using hydrotreating, pyrolysis, gasification, and other EPA pathways

Alcohol to Jet (AtJ)

Fermentation of sugars to produce farnesene, bioethanol, isobutanol which are further converted to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) 

Algae Biofuels

Converting Algal biomass into Biocrude oil using hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) or pyrolysis to produce green diesel or nutraceuticals

With more than 15 years of international success, Trident Chemicals & Renewables understands the needs of our clients - from investors looking to invest in innovative technologies and businesses to entrepreneurs or C- Level leaders looking to strategize growth and expand. We have been successful in  creating competitive opportunities while enhancing enterprise value and executing strategies


Mumbai | San Francisco | New York 

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