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Enhancing Enterprise Values

Accelerating Innovation

Trident chemicals is one of the leading chemical consulting companies in India & US with successful experience in M&A/ JV, Investments, Technology Scale up, IP Strategy, Process Design, Optimization, EPC & Operations. For the last 15 years, we have assisted several small, medium, and large scale chemical plants and refineries in various countries around the world. From greenfield or brownfield projects to startup and commissioning or M&A activities, our experience is rich and deep in ensuring the growth as well as success of your business.





Our chemical consulting practice is boutique because we have designed and commissioned numerous chemical plants in USA while having successfully operated them. Operational experience of more than 15 years has improved our design and engineering practices that continues to give better process yields, energy efficiencies and operating economics to our clients in North America and European markets. Our operational expertise at various levels have successfully helped us undertake mergers and acquisitions, business turnaround and other strategic investment initiatives with private equity and investment banking firms. It is this rare experience of engineering and investment in biofuels, renewable energy, chemical, petrochemical, and oil & gas sector that continues to attract best startups, businesses, and investment firms to Trident Consulting for expert advice. They seek our niche engineering, strategy and management consulting expertise, thus making us one of the leading chemical engineering consulting firms in India & USA markets.


Founders also have raised private equity capital from Silicon Valley firms for disruptive business ideas and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of established or foreclosed chapter 11 businesses or assets under asset purchase agreements (APA).

Knowing how to grow technology ideas into a successful business venture is as critical as possessing in depth subject matter expertise of these state of the art innovative technologies. Success of an innovative start-up or rapidly expanding corporate business is a combination of technological innovation, experience in local and global markets and implementing a viable business model around it. 

Founders also have raised private equity capital from Silicon Valley firms for disruptive business ideas and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of established of established or foreclosed chapter 11 businesses or assets under asset purchase agreements (APA). 

Technology Scale up & Commercialization

Since 2005, our senior chemical engineering consultants have been at the forefront of commercializing advanced scientific technologies in chemical industry, biofuels, renewable energy & nanotechnology in San Francisco Bay Area, rest of USA & Europe. Large part of our chemical consulting stems from practical experience in scaling up technologies from laboratory or pilot plant levels to commercial refining & production. Real world commercialization experience in scaling next generation chemical technologies separates Trident’s technology expertize from other consulting firms that may or may not have this in depth experience.  

We have successfully worked on technologies like supercritical fluid extraction, hydrothermal liquefaction, enzyme catalysis, pyrolysis, thermal & catalytic depolymerization, hydrotreating or hydrogen reforming and algae synthesis using photobioreactors.

We have engaged with few clients in technology licensing of specialty chemicals like ethylene chloride, di isopropyl ether (DIPE), propylene glycol and other industrial chemicals to meet the market demands in Asian countries.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a significant aspect of businesses that thrives on innovation and technology for their growth and expansion. Strong IP portfolio augments growth strategies and strengthens your business presence by keeping competition at bay. At Trident Chemicals, we hold 6 valid patents in United States Patent Trade Organization (US PTO) and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)  in innovative chemical and biofuel process technologies. This successful IP development experience has assisted our clients like entrepreneurs and investors across the globe that were looking to secure their inventions and creative ideas in science, chemical engineering, renewable energies and nanoparticles (nanotech)

We assist our clients in evaluating the target markets for securing their inventions, creating research on competing patents in their category as well as working with their patent attorneys in securing them with best strategies for the long run. Securing patents also helps create technology licensing models and royalties for competitors or new participants that would like to capitalize on your innovation. Trident Intellectual property experts assess valuation of these patents which ultimately enhances organizations enterprise value.


Having successfully commercialized state of the art engineering technologies, raised investment capital and grow these businesses globally into a successful venture has equipped us in providing unique actionable insights to Wall Street, Silicon Valley & European investment firms, entrepreneurs and businesses in Chemical, Alternative Energy or Clean Tech Sectors.

Engineering & Operations

Trident Chemicals engineering experience with turnkey or greenfield projects from scratch runs deep, especially in the US markets. Our engineering experts have designed and commissioned more than 15+ biodiesel and glycerin refining plants in various parts of USA. Our installed facilities and equipment’s comply fully with ASME and UL standards while adhering to local regulatory and compliance standards like CAL OSHA, EPA, Air Quality, Fire & Safety and Hazmat. These start of the art facilities are fully automated plants utilizing DCS or PLC control systems with safety measures in place. Technology & design experts have tremendous international experience in various chemical, petrochemical, ethanol, and biodiesel refineries. Our senior engineering experts are well experienced with designing, simulation, fabrication, installation and commissioning the plant with smooth hand over to the plant owners and their operations team.

Our chemical process engineers have designed, simulated, and optimized various process equipment’s like advanced heat exchangers, wiped film evaporators (molecular distillation), packed bed distillation, reactors for various chemical processes, membrane filtration and many others.


Founders at Trident Chemicals have managed chemical and biodiesel plants for more than 15 years in California, Texas, and many other states within USA as a senior management professional. Driving businesses to profitability and sustainable growth always remained one of the top focus. By deep diving into the market dynamics and competition, we ensured the operational efficiencies were achieved throughout the year to balance volatilities in crude oil pricing and thus keep business growing. Our operational expertise helped business turnaround of several idled or foreclosed chemical plants in USA. By diligently understanding the local markets, raw material & operating costs, supply demand scenario and creating a strong supply chain to deliver best quality products at lower price than competition, we enabled better investment returns for our investors while creating a competing manufacturing facility.

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