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Decarbonization Consulting

Journey to Net Zero involves measuring & tracking scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions along with clearly defined carbon reduction plans that can be a mix of accomplishing energy efficiencies, increased use of clean energy, sustainable biomaterials and verified carbon offsets (VCM).


Our decarbonization solutions help quickly understand ESG ecosystem and seamlessly incorporate net zero in your corporate or investment strategy

Decarbonization Expertize


Carbon Capture, Direct Air Capture, Green Hydrogen,  Renewable Natural Gas (Biomethane) & Sustainable Materials


Carbon Accounting, ESG Reporting, ESG Investing, Sustainable Finance, Net Zero & Climate Change Strategy

Carbon Markets

RIN, LCFS, EU ETS, CCA, REC, CORSIA, Carbon Offsets & Carbon Trading Platforms

With 15+ years of hands on experience in renewable energy markets, Trident Renewables has successfully assisted numerous corporate MNCs in understanding the impact of climate risks on the economy and environment. We develop custom curated decarbonization strategy that fully address sustainability issues complying with the globally accepted ESG frameworks (SASB, TCFD & GRI) .  

Starting from the environmental aspect, we initiate the transformation journey towards a low carbon organization by assessing carbon footprint and steadily progressing towards social & governance factors which includes equality, diversity, employee well being, human rights, data privacy, customer satisfaction and governance factors that include management structures, policies, auditing, etc.

With US Securities & Exchange Commission ramping up ESG disclosure requirements, our decarbonization experts have assisted institutional investors in leveraging the benefits of ESG investing, audited disclosures and significantly increasing the values of assets with competitive and better ESG Ratings. Trident ESG strategies have helped executives and general partners with capital raise by boosting access to low interest rate based climate bonds or green financing .

Decarbonization Solutions

Trident Renewables develops and implements decarbonization strategies that helps accomplish 2050 net zero targets, identify niche investment opportunities, and enhance enterprise values through sustainable investing.

Green Hydrogen Consulting

Nearly 94 million metric tons of hydrogen being consumed in 2021 and less than 5% of it came from renewable sources or hydrogen plants with CCS technology. Renewable Hydrogen can be a powerful enabler of clean energy transition for industrial, transportation and energy applications. About $9 billion/year of investments in Hydrogen electrolyzers will be needed by 2030 to produce 20 Million metric tons / year of Green H2 and stay on track for 2050 Net Zero goals. 

Our practice has benefitted fund managers and decision makers with investments related to electrolyzer technologies (Alkaline, PEM, SOFC & AEM), business models, economic feasibility, hydrogen infrastructure, CSD costs for distributed production/ pipeline and proprietary insights on upcoming as well as current green hydrogen producers in US & Europe. 

Decarbonizing fossil hydrogen with Carbon Capture & Storage ( called as blue hydrogen) will be essential until zero emissions green hydrogen ramps up at a feasible price. We advise chemical, steel and oil & gas companies on blue hydrogen strategies along with IRA 2022 incentives that can accelerate blue hydrogen production and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 

Hedge Fund, New York

Commercial due diligence including financial modeling for a green hydrogen company and electrolyzer manufacturer (US & Europe)

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